Call for papers: Special Issue celebrating Biological Foundations of Language

DETAILS Eric Lenneberg’s book Biological Foundations of Language constitutes one of the founding documents of the field. This by now classic book was first published in 1967, meaning that next year will mark the 50th anniversary of its publication. In order to highlight the importance of this book as well as the lasting influence of Lenneberg’s work, Biolinguistics will be publishing a special issue that seeks to provide a fresh look at this true classic. We believe that this anniversary provides an excellent opportunity for inviting researchers to reread Biological Foundations of Language and thus revisit Lenneberg’s ideas contained therein, as well as his body of thought in general. Generally speaking, researchers are encouraged to (re-)explore this classical book from a contemporary as well as historical point of view. We are especially interested in contributions of experts who are willing to revisit a particular part of Biological Foundations of Language that is relevant to their speciality. SUBMISSION GUIDELINES We welcome all submissions that deal with how Biological Foundations of Language or Eric Lenneberg’s work in general resonate with today’s (bio-)linguistics and other related disciplines. Contributors may submit original research papers, historical treatments, opinion pieces (i.e. forum contributions), or briefs that are influenced and/or inspired by Lenneberg’s book and work. Please express your interest in participating via e-mail to: Include the preliminary title of your contribution, plus a 50–100 word abstract. Manuscripts should be submitted directly via the Biolinguistics web site ( When submitting a manuscript please indicate that it is intended for this special issue in the field “comments to the editor” during the submission process. All submissions will be subjected to double-blind peer review. Forum contributions might only be reviewed by the editor or a member of the Editorial Board. Note that manuscripts may be submitted any time (starting now). Submission deadline for abstracts: May 31st 2017 Submission deadline for papers: July 31st 2017 Targeted publication date of special issue: November 2017 ABOUT BIOLINGUISTICS Biolinguistics is a peer-reviewed journal exploring theoretical linguistics that takes the biological foundations of human language seriously. The Advisory Board and the Editorial Board are made up of leading scholars from all continents in the fields of theoretical linguistics, language acquisition, language change, theoretical biology, genetics, philosophy of mind, and cognitive psychology. We are proud to be what is called a “platinum” open-access journal: Anyone can read everything published in Biolinguistics for free, without the need to subscribe, and there are no article processing charges. Subscription is possible, which will allow inclusion in information mails, but it is free as well. ORGANISATION & CONTACT Publication of this special issue is being organised by Patrick C. Trettenbrein (University of Graz, Austria). To indicate your interest in participating, submit an abstract, or in case you have any questions, please e-mail to: