Other than that, we will do our best to also use the Announcements feature of the journal site more often (i.e. here) and we will advertise new publications through Linguist List, where the kind people have given us a permanent publisher login. What we will do less and less is inundate your individual mailboxes with updates and the like. Other than appreciating your privacy, there is also a very practical reason for this: Many of you have not updated their new email addresses, others have disappeared completely, not to speak of fake users. This means that for every email we send out, we get several hundred failed delivery attempts plus countless out-of-office replies. On this note, please log in and update your own information. At some point this year, we will weed through the large database of subscribers in an attempt to weed out the fakes ones. We believe that there are quite a few among the 3,000+ subscribers. This means that we will ask you to become more proactive in keeping up with our publication. Hey, it can't hurt to visit us once every month or so to see what's new! :-) For those of you who would prefer to be emailed, please drop us a line at and we will compile a much smaller list which won't include anyone who doesn't want to receive further emails. With our best wishes, Kleanthes K. Grohmann Cedric Boeckx The Editors